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Looking for some first hand advice....

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by , December 11, 2017 at 03:02 PM (2407 Views)
Hello...I John Z and would ask to ask for some advise on where to go to get the best training on how to drive the Atom 3S quickly and safely. I have had high performance cars all my adult life but have never taken a driving lesson. What school or program do you know of first hand that would most benefit an older person like myself and give the kind of track time training to allow me to gain genuine driving skills. I put about 2300 back country miles on my 2006 Atom 2.....I just sold it..... and the the new 3S arrives in a week or so. I want to learn how to drive it....properly, safely and swiftly. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...willing to travel most anywhere for a dedicated experience.
Thanks for your time guys!
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  1. 06Arielatom's Avatar
    Congrats on the purchase!. I would recommend setting the traction control on a more sensitive level and slowly lower the settings with more time in the seat. It's really not that hard to control. I own a 2007 Atom 2, but it now has the whole 3s setup minus the traction control system. Power comes in very nicely! For the schools, at would see what the closet track near your location has to offer.