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  • Brammo Ariel Atom 2 Intercooler Fan Reversed Airflow

    Quote Originally Posted by Brammo Motorsports
    Please check the direction of air flow through the supercharger after cooler on your Ariel Atom.

    The fan should draw the air from beneath the car through the cooling fins and into the space above the after cooler and behind the radiator. You can check for the direction of flow by placing a piece of paper above the fan. The fan should blow the paper up and away. Conversely, if the paper is placed beneath the after cooler, the air flow from the fan should draw the paper towards the after cooler.

    If the after cooler fan on your Atom "pushes" the air stream through the after cooler instead of "pulling" it through as described above, then please reply to tom@brammo.com. Our Service Department will assist you in correcting the direction of flow. A pin release tool and some instruction will be required.

    After the third production car, we made arrangements with the wiring harness manufacturer to reverse the pinning of the connectors. We have evidence that this has not happened consistently.

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