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  • Brammo Ariel Atom 2 Coolant Line Protection

    From Brammo Motorsports:

    We recently discovered that upper radiator tube protectors may need to be installed on your vehicle. Lack of upper radiator tube protectors poses no immediate problem that will prevent operation of your vehicle. However, over a period of years, missing upper radiator tube protection could allow wear on the radiator and after cooler tubes resulting in rattling and in potential failure of the tubes.

    We have developed a kit of simple components to remedy this situation and estimate that you or your mechanic can accomplish the work in about one hour. We are sending out an update package by Federal Express Tuesday. It should arrive at your address Wednesday, September 27, 2006.
    This is for the bracket that holds the radiator tubes at the back of the "tub", just before they go up into the engine bay. The fix was some rubber padding.
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