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  • Brammo Ariel Atom 2 Brake Line Protection

    As far as I know, this fix was never issued in PDF form.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brammo Motorsports

    Please inspect the brake line on the rear passenger side of your Ariel Atom.

    If it shows any signs of abrasion due to contact with the engine serpentine belt, please do not drive the vehicle and report the condition to jwismann@brammo.com.

    We have discovered that the routing of the brake line on this side of the car may allow it to contact the serpentine belt and become worn through to the point of failure. This condition applies only to cars equipped with Track or Race brake packages. The routing of the brake line for cars equipped with the Sport brake package is different and will not have this problem. Our records show your car is equipped with either the Track or Race brake package.

    We immediately corrected this deficiency for cars in production and developed a correction for cars fielded. We will issue the correction for fielded cars as soon as kits are available. We will notify you that the kit is being sent.

    If you report abrasion on your brake line, we will be as responsive to you as we can. We are currently determining the most effective way to replace any abraded brake lines and ensure the replacement is secured correctly.

    If your brake line shows no signs of abrasion, then please ensure the brake line can not move into contact with the serpentine belt by a safe, expedient means such as a very tight zip tie and / or powerful adhesive tape.

    We apologize for any inconvenience. We will resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

    The eventual fix was a clamp attached to the frame with a rivet at the same location as the picture.

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    This was my fix. Still in good position. These are brake line holders for mountain bikes. I got them at a bike repair shop.
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